The Toyota Furia – A Concept Waiting to be Unleashed

While America is still buying Corollas, Toyota has been itching to release its newest concept car since 2013.

And I am pretty ashamed to admit that I still have the old Corolla that I got from lagrange car dealers.

Don’t get me wrong. There is positively nothing wrong with Toyota Corollas. They’re great machines, they’re very reliable, and they are cheaper compared to the other car brands available in the market today. The car I got is already ten years old and she still runs like brand new. This is probably the reason why most would not give up on the Corolla because of practical reasons.

However, once you get to know Toyota’s concept car, then I’m pretty sure you’ll also be asking why Americans are still buying Toyota Corollas.

Toyota Furia – Fury fused with Style?

When an organization declares the development of a brand new concept car for among their popular lines of vehicles, normally, this is an exciting time for hobbyists and auto aficionados alike. Some concept cars are never assembled. It is likely because there’s a defect in their design, or the design itself is overly extravagant and impossible to create and create. However, their layout, styling clues, and technological and engineering aspects and characteristics are often employed for coming new versions.

We’re planning to have a look at one of Toyota’s concept car, the Toyota Corolla Furia now. As of the minute, Toyota is selling around a million Corolla automobiles per year globally. Then I do not understand what it’s if that is not a strong affirmation to the prevalence of the Corolla brand. The Toyota Corolla is known as the very successful line of compact cars on the planet since it had been introduced in 1968.

When the Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1984 in America, the rest is history. Half are running incidentally, in the roads. We have all seen ten generations of distinct Toyota Corolla kinds go and come, which explains the Furia is an exciting new theory for the Japanese vehicle business that was most popular.

The main reason the newest theory was called “Furia” is because Toyota believed that the automobile’s “ferocious” look will attract those who love the sporty car look. The company also mentioned the “fury” of its layout and this particular word actually played a large part in its name. Moreover, the concept car comes with exaggerated fender flares, a tapered roofline, and an upswept windshield. It provides a unique appearance when compared with the other Toyota Corollas of days gone by to the Furia.

I believe Toyota must discover a very hard lesson in the design defects they experienced with their recent products (*cough Toyota Camry as well as the Toyota RAV4). Regardless, only time will tell whether the Toyota Corolla Furia theory will likely be approved for the creation or not. It’s been 2 years already and Toyota have yet to see the release of this concept.